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Get paid cash for your junk car!

We'll tow your old, scrap car for free. You don't have to lift a finger. You don't even have to give us the keys.

There's no better way to recycle an old car than to let Lakeside Auto Recyclers turn your scrap into cash. We offer free towing, and do all the prep work. Our staff strip your old car into its recyclable parts and dispose of it safely, efficiently and affordably. Check today's cash price for car bodies - and give us a call.

We Shred The World

Lakeside Auto Recyclers uses the Hammel "Red Giant" Shredder, one of the biggest, most powerful shredders out there. Equipped with a 710 HP engine, it handles the toughest materials, including whole cars, which is shreds in under five minutes. The machine itself weighs 45 tons.

Watch a Car Disappear in Less Than 5 Minutes

How We Shred Junk Cars

  • First, the Lakeside staff salvage any interior pieces that can be reused for auto parts.
  • Next, the car is drained of all fluids, and all lines are emptied.
  • Any potentially dangerous materials are removed, including the battery, car parts that contain mercury, and the airbags (which contain sodium azide).
  • After the junk car is stripped, it goes into our shredder to be crushed into tiny pieces, which are sorted for reuse or disposal.
  • Any scrap metal is caught by powerful magnets and sorted by type, which can be melted down and reused. We dispose of any non-metal waste or "fluff."
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