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If you have recyclable materials piling up, take them to Lakeside Auto Recyclers where you’ll be paid in cash on the spot. Lakeside Auto Recyclers posts the daily cash price for all recyclable materials we accept. Since our convenient location is in Iowa, there is no waiting period to get paid for the materials you bring in. You don’t need an appointment - we’re ready to accept your scrap metal today!

Lakeside Auto Recyclers pays cash for the following:

  • Scrap Metal: We pay cash by the ton or by the pound for ferrous goods (iron and steel), and nonferrous metals (copper, aluminum, stainless steel and brass).
  • Car Bodies: Lakeside Auto Recyclers offers the most convenient way to recycle scrap auto bodies - we’ll even tow in your junk car for free!
  • White Goods and E-Scrap: We offer cash by the pound for certain white goods, old appliances, e-scrap, green boards and more.

What are you waiting for? Let our scrap specialists shred your unwanted ferrous or nonferrous materials and turn your scrap into cash. Help us shred the world - while getting paid today!

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