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5 Reasons to Choose Lakeside Auto Recyclers

Choose Lakeside for fast scrap metal processing, cash payouts with no waiting periods, and the best service in the area.

Lakeside Auto Recyclers offers no long-term contracts, no waiting periods, and a convenient location that’s open every day of the week. Our experienced staff can handle all your scrap metal recycling needs, plus we offer a range of free services to help you out. We’re currently expanding our shredding capability to process both consumer and commercial scrap faster and more efficiently, which means more cash in your pocket!

Here are some of the many reasons to come see us at Lakeside, and experience the local guys who treat customers right!

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Reason #1
We Treat You Like Family

You won’t find a stuffy, corporate approach here. We offer exceptional customer service for all our commercial and consumer accounts - and no contracts or long-term commitments are required.

We treat you like family, because we are a family. Lakeside Auto Recyclers has been a family-run business for 40 years, and we remain dedicated to both our customers and our employees. At Lakeside, we love what we do, and we’re proud of the way we do it. Come see us for the best local service in the Metro.

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Reason #2
Get Paid Cash Without Waiting

Lakeside Auto Recyclers is out to SHRED THE WORLD! We pay you cash on the spot for your scrap, with no waiting periods. Need to recycle your burnt-out washer and dryer? Drop off metal debris from a construction site? Ditch a junk car that’s taking up space? Just bring it to Lakeside. We’ll take your ‘junk’ off your hands.

Lakeside pays cash for car bodies, appliances and e-scrap, plus ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap.

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Reason #3
Great Location, Open 7 Days a Week

Open 7 days a week in Carter Lake, Iowa, Lakeside Auto Recyclers is just a few minutes from Downtown Omaha, NE or Council Bluffs, IA.

Open Monday through Saturday from 7 am - 5 pm, and Sunday from 7 am -3 pm

Come see the Lakeside scrap dragon! This 25-foot giant, built from a variety of scrap metal items, is ready to welcome you at our entrance.

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Reason #4
Take Advantage of Our Free Services

Lakeside Auto Recyclers offers free towing services for junk cars. If you have an old car to recycle, contact us for a free tow. (Title required).

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We also have a free container service, featuring free delivery and same-day pickup of scrap metal dumpsters for commercial and industrial job sites.

One call can schedule it all! Contact us today at 712-647-6561

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Reason #5
We’re Getting Bigger and Better by the Day

Coming in Fall 2017! Lakeside is making room for the new American Pulverizer Shredder so your commercial and industrial scrap, non-ferrous metals, and even junk cars and appliances can be shredded faster and more efficiently. Construction is under way for this monster, which expands our scrap yard’s capabilities by 150%! Lakeside Auto Recyclers is proud to bring you faster service for more cash in your pocket!

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