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Lakeside Auto Recyclers Will Unveil Its New American Pulverizer Shredder This Fall

Lakeside is a family-owned scrap yard near Omaha, Nebraska. Located conveniently in Carter Lake, Iowa, we’re just minutes from downtown Omaha or Council Bluffs. This summer, we’re installing a new shredder system to deliver faster scrap metal recycling service at a better price - which means a bigger payout for YOU!

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More Money, Less Waste

The American is designed to maximize your payout while reducing landfill waste. The heavy duty American Pulverizer Hammermill shredder is specifically built to yield a higher percentage of metal recovery. It can shred and separate an entire car in less than 20 seconds.

The Fastest Way to Shred Junk Cars and Commercial Scrap

Lakeside’s American Pulverizer shredder system has conveyor infeed and takeaway with powerful magnets and separators that allow for total recovery of automobile shredder residue (ASR), which reduces landfill waste while providing a higher ASR value. (Otherwise known as cash in your pocket!).

The American is built for today's rigorous shredding demands. This bad boy can shred an entire automobile, plus large quantities of miscellaneous sheet iron, white goods, #1 and #2 scrap materials, and more. Say goodbye to scrap waste and hello to more cash!

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Recycle your junk car bodies, commercial and industrial scrap, ferrous and nonferrous metals, white goods or appliances, and e-scrap at Lakeside Auto Recyclers near Omaha, Nebraska. We offer the best service with no waiting periods, and no long-term contracts for commercial scrap accounts.

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Open 7 days a week in Carter Lake, just minutes from Downtown Omaha and Council Bluffs. Come see the boys (and ladies!) at Lakeside Auto Recyclers for the best service in the Metro. We treat you like family!

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