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Lakeside Now Offers FREE Container Service for Scrap Metal Recycling on Construction and Demolition Sites

Call Lakeside Auto Recyclers for the Most Affordable Dumpster Service near Omaha, Nebraska!

Lakeside provides a free scrap metal dumpster rental and delivery service to customers on industrial and commercial job sites, including new construction sites, demolition sites, factories, facilities and other businesses throughout the Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs area. We’re conveniently located in Carter Lake, Iowa, and open 7 days a week.

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Free Drop Off and Same-Day Pickup for Scrap Metal Containers

Recycling your scrap metal with Lakeside’s free service eliminates any construction dumpster rental cost. We take clean scrap, and don’t charge any cost to rent a dumpster or pick it up when full. We take presorted e-scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Why pay to haul your scrap away when you can GET paid?

Call us and we’ll drop off free dumpster containers on your industrial construction site. When your container is full, we also provide a same-day pickup service at NO charge, so you don’t have to wait, worry about overflowing, or leave your scrap exposed for theft.

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Give us a call at 712-347-6561 to book your container service today. Our highly trained drivers and experienced staff provide excellent large dumpster rental service to pick up your scrap metal in a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound way. Best of all, it’s free, and pays you cash for your dumpster of straight ferrous metals, e-scrap, and non-ferrous materials.

About Our Scrap Containers

Lakeside has a wide range of roll off container and dumpster sizes to fit the needs of your jobsite.

  • 20 cubic yard containers
  • 30 cubic yard containers
  • 40 cubic yard containers
  • Open top semi-trailer/tractor-trailer containers

The 20 and 30 cy roll off dumpsters are a popular size for construction sites, while the 40 cy dumpster is best utilized for bulkier materials and industrial sites.

We beat out the competition when it comes to the cost of dumpster rental by offering the area’s ONLY scrap container service with free same-day dumpster delivery, and free same-day pickup. Call us at 712-347-6561 today to order a dumpster for your scrap metal removal - and we’ll deliver it for free to your construction or demolition site.


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Shred the World: Lakeside Auto Recyclers

Lakeside offers no waiting, no contracts, and the best service in the area. Centrally located on a 9-acre lot in Carter Lake, Iowa, we are proud to be one of the most loyal and hard working scrap yards near Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Come See Our 25-Foot Scrap Dragon!

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Now Accepting Commercial Accounts

Looking for bigger payouts and no long-term contracts?

In Fall 2017, the new American Pulverizer Shredder comes online. With this bigger, badder, faster machine, Lakeside scrap yard can deliver better service at a better price, which means a bigger payout for you. Don’t get locked into a multi-year commercial contract with a cold corporation. Come see us at Lakeside. We treat you like family!