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We Treat Customers Like Family

Lakeside Auto Recyclers East is a family-run scrap recycling facility that has served customers in Omaha, Nebraska, and Carter Lake and Council Bluffs, Iowa for more than 40 years. Three generations later, we’re in business for our customers, and we’re proud to treat you like we treat our own family.


Over the years, we’ve continually expanded our yard to offer our loyal customers bigger, better and faster service. Today, Lakeside Auto Recyclers is still growing!

Construction is now underway to install a new Hammermill pulverizer shredder, fondly known as “The American.” You’ll also see upgrades to the entire Lakeside yard, including a new outbound scale, four new buildings, and a concrete foundation around the entire processing center. Customers can expect this new shredding facility to be complete in the fall of 2017.

Get bigger payouts for industrial scrap and junk cars

Lakeside Auto Recyclers’ American shredder will not only benefit customers by offering faster, bigger payouts for scrap and junk cars, it also expands our ferrous and nonferrous shredding capabilities to include industrial and commercial accounts.

Compared to our competitors, Lakeside Auto Recyclers offers industrial clients a friendly, local approach, and a commitment to personal service, with no waiting and no contracts.

About our Progress

The American will expand Lakeside’s capabilities to process ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals faster and more efficiently than ever.

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The American shredder is a 2,000 horsepower Hammermill model that yields a higher processing rate of nearly 30-tons per hour. Thanks to its two-phase processing system and an adjacent fine-separation building, having The American on site will mean more profits for industrial customers who want the maximum return cash value.

Stop down and get paid cash for your scrap today!

Lakeside Auto Recyclers is proud to serve customers in the Carter Lake, Omaha and Council Bluffs metro. We’re open every day of the week, and you’ll recognize us by the giant scrap dragon at our entrance.


Contact us for a free tow.

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NEW CONTAINER SERVICE! Call us for free delivery and pickup of scrap metal dumpster containers. We’ll haul away commercial and industrial scrap from your job site at no charge. 

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Just one call schedules it all! 712-347-6561


Lakeside Auto Recyclers Featured in American Metal Market News

Construction is underway for Lakeside's new 2,000 horsepower shredder and processing facility. The investment includes a Hammermill pulverizer shredder known as “The American," along with upgrades to the entire scrap yard and four new buildings. Customers can expect The American to be fully operational later this year. The improvements expand the family-owned company's ferrous and nonferrous shredding capabilities, and growth into industrial and commercial accounts. Read more about this exciting news in AMM's feature story.

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5 Reasons to Choose Lakeside Auto Recyclers

Choose Lakeside for fast scrap metal processing, cash payouts with no waiting periods, and the best service in the area.

Lakeside Auto Recyclers offers no long-term contracts, no waiting periods, and a convenient location that’s open every day of the week. Our experienced staff can handle all your scrap metal recycling needs, plus we offer a range of free services to help you out. We’re currently expanding our shredding capability to process both consumer and commercial scrap faster and more efficiently, which means more cash in your pocket!

Here are some of the many reasons to come see us at Lakeside, and experience the local guys who treat customers right!

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Lakeside Auto Recyclers Will Unveil Its New American Pulverizer Shredder This Fall

Lakeside is a family-owned scrap yard near Omaha, Nebraska. Located conveniently in Carter Lake, Iowa, we’re just minutes from downtown Omaha or Council Bluffs. This summer, we’re installing a new shredder system to deliver faster scrap metal recycling service at a better price - which means a bigger payout for YOU!

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Get paid cash for your junk car!

We'll tow your old, scrap car for free. You don't have to lift a finger. You don't even have to give us the keys.

There's no better way to recycle an old car than to let Lakeside Auto Recyclers turn your scrap into cash. We offer free towing, and do all the prep work. Our staff strip your old car into its recyclable parts and dispose of it safely, efficiently and affordably. Check today's cash price for car bodies - and give us a call.

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Lakeside Auto Recyclers Recycles More than Just Cars

From white goods to green boards, Lakeside Auto Recyclers can turn your recyclable ferrous and nonferrous scrap into cash!


Lakeside Auto Recyclers recycles your ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal and pays you cash - with no waiting period. If you've ever wondered, "Where can I take an old refrigerator that stopped running? Get rid of my old stainless steel sink? Dump that desktop computer board?" Just bring your recyclable parts to Lakeside.

We are located just minutes from downtown in Carter Lake, proudly serving the Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs metro area. Our staff will recycle your scrap safely and efficiently. We pay by the ton or by the pound - and give you cash on the spot.

Lakeside Auto Recyclers takes ferrous materials including iron and steel, and nonferrous items such as copper, aluminum, stainless and brass. We also pay cash for old appliances and white goods, e-scrap such as green boards or motherboards, certain computer parts and graphics cards, and more.

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Lakeside Auto Recyclers Pays You Cash

At Lakeside Auto Recyclers, we shred the world one piece of scrap at a time. We pay top dollar and crush the competition; beating any price and paying cash on the spot for all ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal.

We’re open 7 days a week at 2813 North 9th in Carter Lake. Lakeside Auto Recyclers proudly serves the Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs metro areas, located just minutes from downtown. We offer no waiting, fast-friendly service, and free towing. Call (712) 347-6561 to recycle your ferrous and nonferrous scrap, and get paid cash cash without the waiting period.

Get rid of your scrap. Get paid cash!

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We Are Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Recycling Pros

Make Lakeside Auto Recyclers your go-to for iron recycling. From everyday whitegoods to structural steel, get paid cash by the ton for all iron and scrap metal you recycle at Lakeside on the spot.

We accept all sizes of scrap iron and steel - from large industrial beams and angles to household appliances. Iron is a ferrous metal, meaning it sticks to a magnet, like our giant magnet pictured below.

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At Lakeside Auto Recyclers, we pay cash for junk cars. But that’s not ALL. We are the area’s largest scrap metal buyer.

Serving Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa, we are conveniently located just minutes from downtown, in Carter Lake, Iowa. Stop in and get paid cash for your scrap metal today!

Lakeside Auto Recyclers proudly offers fast, friendly service for recycling ferrous and nonferrous materials, junk cars, and so much more. We crush the competition with on the spot cash, no waiting periods, top pay for junk cars, and free same-day towing. Call (712) 347-6561 today.

See What We Take

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Lakeside Now Offers FREE Container Service for Scrap Metal Recycling on Construction and Demolition Sites

Call Lakeside Auto Recyclers for the Most Affordable Dumpster Service near Omaha, Nebraska!

Lakeside provides a free scrap metal dumpster rental and delivery service to customers on industrial and commercial job sites, including new construction sites, demolition sites, factories, facilities and other businesses throughout the Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs area. We’re conveniently located in Carter Lake, Iowa, and open 7 days a week.

LakesideContainer opt

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