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Imagine a world where every business is taking steps to protect the environment!

We all have the power to positively impact the environment. Recycling is not just about disposal, it’s about creating a sustainable future. By selling unwanted metal for recycling, companies are not only adding to their bottom line, but they’re also reducing manufacturing costs and their harmful effects on the planet.

Lakeside Auto Recyclers is here for businesses that want to make a difference in the world. As the most competitively priced buyers of all types of metals, our scrap metal container service team near Omaha is dedicated to making a positive impact. 

Just think, by partnering with Lakeside Auto Recyclers, you’re making a conscious decision that impacts the world in a positive way. Our roll-off scrap metal container service in the Omaha area is here to make it even easier for you to get involved in creating a sustainable future!


At Lakeside Auto Recyclers, we are always looking for ways to enhance customer service. That’s one reason we designed our scrap yard to offer a fast customer-friendly in and out experience for our scrap metal container services!  Our local Omaha area team will be in the yard with you to help unload and get you on your way with cash in hand. And, with our 5 scale readers, you’ll never need to guess your weight.

Together, let's SHRED THE WORLD and create a brighter future for generations to come!


  • Above and Under Ground Tanks Must have a minimum of 3-foot square hole at both ends and be thoroughly cleaned of liquids and gases prior to delivery. Must be odor-free
  • Aerosol Cans Must be empty and punctured, cut or crushed
  • Aircraft Material Must be verified free of radioactive sources and contain no aluminum/lithium alloys or chemical residues
  • Barrels, Drums, and Other Containers Accepted as long as they have no hazard or warning labels. “Certified Clean.” No non-metal residual materials or fluids. Must have lids removed or be cut in half prior to delivery
  • Compressed/Liquefied Gas Cylinders and Vessels  If segregated, valves removed, depressurized, and rendered unusable
  • Dross, Metallic Must have certification and documentation that the dross is not hazardous and has been managed in compliance with applicable legal requirements
  • Gauges and Measuring Devices Must be verified free of radioactive sources
  • Heaters, Oil-Filled Space/Portable Pre-1980 Must be drained of free-flowing oil and did not contain oil containing greater than 50 ppm PCB. No fluids will be accepted
  • Household Appliances (White Goods) We accept refrigerators, dryers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, commercial coolers, dishwashers, furnaces, freezers, clothes washers, hot water heaters, kitchen ranges/ovens, thermostats, drinking fountains, light fixtures, trash compactors, vending machines. All fluids must be drained. No sodium chromate, ammonia, or asbestos containing appliances. No microwaves or televisions accepted
  • Hydraulic Equipment  Accepted if it is labeled “No PCBs” or documentation supports that it is less than 50 ppm PCB concentrations
  • Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor and Industrial/ Commercial  Must be free of capacitors or ballasts with PCB concentrations greater than 50 ppm and no bulbs
  • Military and Government Scrap Must have certification statement stating scrap to be free of explosive, radioactive, and hazardous materials
  • Natural Gas Pipeline System Components Must have documentation in accordance with TSCA regulations supporting that PCB concentrations are less than 50 ppm
  • Paint Cans Must be open, empty, and dry
  • Pumps  Must have documentation in accordance with TSCA regulations supporting that PCB concentrations are less than 50 ppm and free of mercury
  • Shells, Munitions Only discharged or spent brass shells or munitions casings will be accepted. No live ammunition or weapons
  • Transformers Must have documentation in accordance with TSCA regulations supporting that PCB concentrations are less than 50 ppm
  • Vehicles  MUST HAVE TITLE. No fluids accepted. Vehicles must be free of mercury switches, batteries, refrigerants, antifreeze, fuel, and oil
  • White Goods (See Household Appliances) Must be drained of all fluids. No microwaves or televisions accepted
  • Wire/Cable  Must be free of asbestos and PCBs


  • No Asbestos-Containing Scrap
    We do not accept furnaces, pipes, or building materials
  • No Beryllium
  • No Capacitors
    Only accepted if it is labeled “No PCBs” or documentation supports that it is less than 50 ppm PCB concentrations
  • No Compressed Gas Cylinders that are Sealed
    We do not accept sealed or uncut aerosols, acetylene/propane/etc., fire extinguishers, air compressors, or unprocessed LP Tanks
  • No Explosives
    We do not accept weapons, “live” ammunition, or frac pipe
  • No Flammable Materials or Free Flowing Liquids
    We do not accept gases & fuels (combustibles), wet paint cans, cutting fluids, refrigerant, oils or other fluids
  • No Hazardous Materials
    We do not accept asbestos, airbags, refrigerants, sealed drums, corrosives or toxic waste
  • No Hazardous or Toxic Waste
  • No Lead-Painted Scrap
  • No Magnesium Turnings
  • No Non-Metallics
    We do not accept dirt/concrete, solid waste, asbestos, wood, fiberglass, plastics, rubber, tires, or glass
  • No PCB’s
    We do not accept capacitors, televisions, ballasts or microwaves
  • No Radioactive Materials
  • No Refrigerant-Containing Scrap
    You must have certification that refrigerant has been removed or drained
  • No Scrap Containing Excessive Trash or Non-Metallic Recyclables
  • No Scrap Containing Fluids
    All fluids must be drained prior to delivery
  • No Tires
    We do not accept any tires for recycling
  • No Used Oil Filters