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Don't let your junk pile up!

Bring your 'junk' to Lakeside Auto Recyclers. and get paid cash for your scrap with no waiting period! Check today's cash price for recyclables - and give us a call. There's no appointment needed - just bring in your used items and let Lakeside Auto Recyclers do the rest.

See Today's Cash Prices

Have a used car body to get rid of? Let us take it off your hands with a free tow, and we'll pay you cash. The best part is, there's no waiting period to get paid!

General Recycling Info

We Accept:

  • Ferrous : Steel, Iron
  • Non-Ferrous: Copper, Aluminum, Stainless, Brass
  • Car Bodies (Call us for a free tow!)
  • White Goods (Old Appliances)
  • E-scrap: Motherboards, green boards, graphics cards, some computer parts

We do not accept: monitors, televisions or microwaves.