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Shred Your Nonferrous Metal at Lakeside: Get Paid Cash

At Lakeside Auto Recyclers, our goal is to Shred the World with nonferrous and ferrous metal recycling.

Lakeside pays cash for #1 and #2 copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and tin. We also pay cash for e-scrap, junk cars, household appliances, electrical and plumbing scrap, and converters.

Electronic Scrap (e-scrap) includes: VCRs, radios, office equipment, copy machines, computers, keyboards, CPUs, printers, and green boards.
(*No circuit boards or cathode ray tubes accepted.)

Let Lakeside Pay You Cash For Scrap Metal

Lakeside Auto Recyclers manages an eight acre scrap metal recycling yard that is operated by the third generation of the family. We’ve been helping people Shred the World for over 35 years. Customer service and safety are our top priority. At Lakeside, we treat you fairly and pay you cash on the spot. Give us a call - and get paid today!

Open seven days a week at 2813 N 9th Street in Carter Lake - west of Abbott Drive and just south of East Locust Street near Eppley Airfield.

See the Current Price of Scrap Metal:

Today’s Cash Prices

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Cash for wrecked cars
Lakeside Auto Recyclers offers convenient, curbside pickup. We buy scrap vehicles and offer a free, same-day tow for your junk car.
Cash for recycling scrap materials
Lakeside Auto Recyclers pays the daily price of copper per pound, and all other nonferrous and ferrous metal prices by the ton or by the pound.
Cash for e-scrap and white goods
Lakeside Auto Recyclers pays cash by the pound for certain whitegoods/household appliances, e-scrap, and more.